The New COM-ICDB7 – Smaller, Smarter, Superior

The New COM-ICDB7 – Smaller, Smarter, Superior

The COM-ICDB7 is AAEON’s newest addition to its COM Express Module range, providing a greater depth of application potential among an already versatile product line. Powered by the 3rd Generation Intel® Xeon® D Processor platform (formerly Ice Lake-D), the COM-ICDB7’s small size, server-grade CPU, and flexibility in deployment make it the intelligent choice for more cerebral applications; such as drone fleet control, biomedical science, and data analytics applications.

Measuring just 4.92" x 3.75" (125mm x 95mm), yet powered by the Intel Ice Lake-D platform, the COM-ICDB7 offers server-grade CPU performance of 10 cores and 20 threads on a diminutive COM Express Type 7 form factor. Supporting a 70W CPU, the COM-ICDB7 can power multiple modules via one PCIe 4.0 [x16] and four PCIe 3.0 [x4] slots, making it conducive to deployment in industrial automation settings. Further, the COM-ICDB7’s 10GbE also gives users the capacity to transfer a greater volume of data more efficiently, optimizing its utility as an edge server application.

AAEON focused on flexible, customer-centric design to punctuate the COM-ICDB7’s durability, with customization options such as wider operational temperature ranges available to ensure the module is suited to harsher deployment environments. This flexible approach is particularly suitable for smart city, transport, and drone fleet control due to the more rigorous demands in such fields. Additionally, the COM-ICDB7 can be equipped with a custom carrier board, offering a more cost-effective approach to outdoor deployment by preventing the need to replace the entire system in the event of damage.

With two DDR4 SODIMM sockets providing up to 64GB system memory with ECC support, the COM-ICDB7offers excellent data processing capabilities. This allows it to execute complex high-performance computing tasks for solutions in fields such as industrial automation, edge servers, and data centers by channeling the 10 core, 20 thread performance of the Intel Xeon D-1746TER processor. The DDR4 system memory’s ECC support also adds stability to large data analytics applications across a diverse spectrum of vertical markets, including financial technology and smart healthcare.

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