Seize the Skies with Winmate UAV Ground Control Station

Built based on the best lightweight rugged tablet for compact and ease of use without compromising security

Seize the Skies with
Winmate UAV Ground Control Station

Built based on the best lightweight rugged tablet for compact and ease of use without compromising security

A man is holding Winmate UAV Ground Control Station for drone

Winmate Inc., a leading developer of rugged tablet and handheld computers, releases the brand new mobile control station for robotic, drone, and remote-control vehicles. Based on Winmate best selling rugged tablets S101TG and S101M9, the portable ground controller is durable and suitable for field applications in various applications, such as agriculture, public safety, search and rescue, environmental monitoring, defence surveillance, and many more.

Based on the best lightweight rugged tablets

The new S101TG-GCS and S101M9-GCS are built based on Winmate best selling rugged tablets S101 series and powered by Intel® and ARM processors for extraordinary performance. The system also provides communications flexibility with WLAN, BT, GNSS, and optional 4G/5G. Top up with the tablet docking controller.

Following the rugged DNA of Winmate products, the smart controllers are built sturdy and tested according to the US defence standard MIL-STD 810H and IP65-rated for remote vehicle control in even the harshest environments. The UAV ground control station features a daylight-readable and multi-touch panel that can be operated even with gloves. Making the Winmate rugged controller work even in the most restrictive scenarios.

Protect your device from unauthorized access

Besides the embedded TPM 2.0 readily available on the S101 rugged tablet series, the brand-new handheld controller also offers the optional OPAL SSD. The TPM chip helps to prevent unauthorized access to data and ensures that data remains confidential. It provides a secure platform for storing and managing cryptographic keys, which can be used to encrypt sensitive data stored on the tablet.

Meanwhile, the OPAL SSD is a self-encrypting drive that can provide hardware-based encryption for data stored on the tablet. Including these features in a tablet helps protect and secure sensitive data from unauthorized access. Additionally, embedding these features into the tablet ensures the device remains lightweight, compact, and easy to use without compromising security.

Built to meet your needs

With a long history of serving in various industrial and mission-critical applications, Winmate understands customers’ computing demands and provides various rugged mobile computer products. The new UAV ground control station is built with a high brightness and multi-touch panel for daylight readability, ease to use, and touch sensitivity even while wearing gloves.

Furthermore, Winmate also offers a variety of customization options and can be precisely fine-tuned to exact requirements suited to unique robotic and unmanned platforms. We design and build a complete ground control station solution that supports various wireless modules, including configurable joysticks, switches, and buttons in a modular design.Winmate new handheld ground controller

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