PCIe 4.0 og DDR5 fra Innodisk

DDR5 og PCIe 4.0 til effektiv server og hukommelse performance

Udvikling på vej i server og HPC performance - DDR5 og PCIe 4.0

Innovation, ydeevne, hastighed og hukommelse – Innodisks DDR5 og gen. 4 PCie byder på det hele. PCIe 4x4 SSD og DDR5 sikrer optimal performance, også i High Performance Computing.

Både krav og muligheder inden for industri udvikler sig hele tiden, og Cloud, AI og Edge er alle områder, der kun bliver mere og mere efterspurgt. Der er brug for løsninger der kører nemt og effektivt på tværs af afstande. Det kræver hukommelseskomponenter med særligt god ydeevne. Med kombinationen af DDR5 og PCIe gen. 4 vil især servere og High-Performance Computing (HPC) kunne leve op til krav om stigende hastighed og hukommelse.  

Læs nærmere om DDR5 og PCIe gen. 4 i nyheden fra Innodisk herunder.

A Monumental Stride in Server and HPC Memory Performance 

The emergence of DDR5 and PCIe gen 4 technologies are pointing towards a major shift in enterprise and high-performance applications. Two of the key areas where this will play out are the world of servers and High-Performance Computing (HPC).  

Changes are coming to the Server and HPC Markets 

The server market is growing at a seemingly unceasing rate, mainly spurred on by increasing demands for cloud, AI, and edge computing. In a futuristic post-covid world, companies are more than ever focused on solutions that seamlessly run over the cloud, efficiently connecting people over large geographical distances. This demand in turn requires a strong fundament built on high-performance memory components. 

This is also true relevant for HPC applications, which feature extreme computing units used to solve the trickiest problems in science and research – problems that require an astounding number of calculations per second to produce meaningful results. These supercomputers are key to advancing our understanding of the most complex issues in areas such as climate, astronomy, and human biology. The combination of high-performance memory and AI applications promises significant leaps towards greater insights in these fields. 

Introducing DDR5 and PCIe gen 4 

At the forefront of high-performance memory innovation, we find two technologies that will become mainstays: DDR5 and PCIe gen 4.   

DDR5 is the next step up the DRAM technology ladder – and it really is a significant step, doubling overall memory performance while reducing power consumption. Compared to DDR4, DRR5 delivers up to twice the transfer rate of up to 6400MT/s, while quadrupling the possible capacity to 128GB.   

PCIe gen 4 is the newest iteration of the interface commonly used between the SSD (Solid State Drives) and the motherboard. Simply put, gen 4 doubles the transfer speed compared to the last generation, effectively giving you double the speed when the SSD communicates with the rest of the computer. It is a feat that’s achieved while lowering power consumption. An SSD using four PCIe Gen 4 lanes (PCIe 4x4) runs at 16 GT/s per lane for a full 64 GT/s – an increase that is especially noticeable for an SSD’s sequential read and write performance. 

Next level server and HPC performance 

These technologies hold a great potential for increasing server performance. With a focus on minimizing space and power consumption, DDR5 memory modules and PCIe 4x4 SSDs increase your server memory performance by up to 100% without taking up additional space in your server setup. The lower power consumption of both components also contributes to lower costs and more efficient heat dispersal.  

For HPC applications, speed and concurrent computation are paramount. This means that either component can cause a bottleneck in performance if the specifications are not correct. DDR5 and PCIe 4x4 SSDs ensure that memory performance is optimal for complex problem solving – making these technologies the future backbone of any high-end HPC application.

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