Our touch sensor products are designed to withstand a certain level of impact, providing durability and resistance to external forces.


We recognize the significance of offering vandal-resistant touchscreens, and we have the capability to design our sensors to meet various impact requirements. 


In order to ensure the robustness of our touch sensors, we have an in-house facility where we can perform common impact tests, such as UL60950 or IK10.


These tests evaluate the ability of the touch sensors to withstand impacts and determine their impact resistance rating. 


However, it is important to note that the final impact performance of the touch sensor products can also depend on the overall design and integration of the finished product, such as kiosks, ATMs, or other devices.


Therefore, we highly recommend that customers conduct final impact testing on the complete product to obtain representative data of the touch sensor's performance in real-life scenarios. 


By conducting impact tests on the finished product, customers can assess the touch sensor's resilience in specific operating conditions and ensure that it meets their desired level of durability and vandal resistance.


This approach allows for comprehensive evaluation and validation of the touch sensor's performance in real-world applications. 


Our goal is to provide touch sensor products that can withstand impacts and deliver reliable performance in various environments.


We work closely with our customers to understand their specific requirements and collaborate on designing touch sensors that meet their desired impact resistance standards. 

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