We provide a wide range of options when it comes to the size of our projective capacitive touchscreens.

Our touchscreen sensors are available in sizes ranging from 5 inches to 85 inches, encompassing a comprehensive range of sizes in between. 

This flexibility in size allows us to cater to various applications and industries.


Whether you are designing a compact industrial touchscreen for machinery or equipment, a medium-sized interactive display for information kiosks or self-service terminals, or a large-format digital signage touchscreen for advertising and public displays, we have you covered. 

Our extensive size range ensures that you can find the right touchscreen solution to meet your specific needs.


We understand that different projects require different screen sizes, and we strive to offer a versatile selection to accommodate a wide range of applications. 

By offering both smaller and larger touchscreen sizes, we enable our customers to create engaging and interactive user experiences across various devices and environments.

From handheld devices and tablets to interactive panels and displays, our projective capacitive touchscreens provide intuitive and responsive touch functionality. 

So, whether you are seeking a compact touchscreen for portable devices or a large-scale touchscreen for immersive digital experiences, Zytronic is the ideal choice.

Our diverse range of sizes ensures that you can find the perfect fit for your project, allowing you to deliver seamless touch interactions and enhance user engagement. 

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