In short: Yes we are able to manufacture touch film products up to 84”


At Sensor Medical we offer two main options for touch foils: ZYFILM and ZYPROFILM.


ZYFILM is a transparent touch foil designed to be used in front of an LCD (liquid crystal display) screen. It provides a touch-sensitive surface that enables interaction with the display through touch. 


Then there’s ZYPROFILM. ZYPROFILM is a touch foil that incorporates an integral laminated rear projection film. It is specifically designed for use with rear projection systems.


Meaning that when ZYPROFILM is applied to a rear projection surface, it allows touch interaction while displaying the projected image simultaneously.  


Both ZYFILM and ZYPROFILM are and can be produced with different touch capabilities.


They are able to support dual touch, meaning two points of simultaneous touch input, or multi-touch, which allows for up to 40 independent touches. This flexibility in touch capabilities provides a range of options for different applications and user requirements.  


In summary, our touch films offer versatile solutions for interactive displays.


ZYFILM is suitable for front-of-screen touch applications, while ZYPROFILM is designed for touch-enabled rear projection systems.


Both options can be customized to support various touch functionalities, providing enhanced user experiences as a whole.  

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