Yes, our touch sensors are capable of multi-touch operation. We offer a range of projective capacitive sensors with multi-touch functionality to cater to various applications and screen sizes. 


For screens ranging from 7" to 22", we provide the ZXY150 controller, which supports multi-touch operation.


If you require larger screens, our ZXY200 controller is designed for MPCT™ sensors from 22" to 55". Additionally, for even larger screens from 55" to 85", our ZXY300 controller is available. 


Our controllers are designed to offer an enhanced multi-touch experience.

As a standard, both the ZXY150 and ZXY200 controllers support 10 independent touch points, allowing for simultaneous interaction with the screen.


However, upon request, we can provide a configuration with up to 40 touch points, providing even greater touch sensitivity and versatility. 


This multi-touch capability makes Zytronic's touch sensors suitable for a wide range of applications.

Whether it's for interactive gaming experiences or large format digital signage touchscreens, our sensors deliver precise and responsive touch functionality.


Users can perform multi-finger gestures, such as pinch-to-zoom, rotate, and swipe, enabling intuitive and immersive interactions. 


Furthermore, our touch sensors are designed to maintain excellent touch accuracy and responsiveness, ensuring smooth and seamless operation even in high-demand environments.


The combination of multi-touch capability, durability, and customizability makes Zytronic's touch sensors a preferred choice for various industries, including gaming, retail, hospitality, and public information displays. 


By offering multi-touch functionality and the flexibility to customize touch points, we provide our customers with the freedom to create engaging and interactive user experiences tailored to their specific needs.


Whether you're designing a compact touch device or a large-scale touchscreen installation, our touch sensors deliver reliable multi-touch performance and support dynamic interactions for enhanced user engagement.  

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